Home Business Challenges

Working from home and escaping the 9 to 5 daily grind is a dream come true for most. You set your own hours. There’s no commute. You can pick up your kids after school. There’s tax benefits. Friends who work for corporate America tend to envy you. But what few don’t know is that running a small business from home comes with a set of challenges.

1. Life of Leisure Perception

People think you’re sleeping in, lunching with pals or doing everything but work.

2. Under-dress Day to Day Ok

Yoga pants and t-shirt work. There’s no need to dress up except when meeting clients face-to-face. The downside is you pay less attention to your daily appearance and wardrobe.

3. TV weather Forecaster Attire

For video conference calls, you can dress great waist up and clients do not know. For phone meetings, you don’t have to bother with hair or make up. The advantage is that you save money on business apparel.

4. Just a Hobby Viewpoint

Your family thinks your business is a hobby not a “real” job and don’t give you the credit you deserve for building your own business. You’re gutsy. A true entrepreneur.

5. Round-the-clock Work

Your work odd hours, sometimes you’re forced to work morning, noon and night for each demanding project. The downside is your sleep patterns may get periodically off kilter.

6. Email Rules Life

You constantly check your email inbox. From your tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop, you frequently check in.

7.  You Are Responsible for Continuing Education

You spend a lot of time reading industry news on the computer, how to videos and participating in online seminars. You experiment with software.

8. Take Dreaded Monday’s Off

If you work the weekend, you may be able to take a day off on Mondays.

9. Achievements Based On You

You’re only motivation is self-motivation. You have bills to pay, children to raise. Your earning potential is solely based on your own effort.

10. Some Turn Nose to Home Business

If your Google Maps listing shows a residence, some would-be clients mistakenly discriminate. You may lose sales simply based on old school perception.

11. Client Prospecting Creates Worries

You stress about your next sale as opposed to friends who have a guaranteed salary.

12. Socializing and Networking Limited

You have less in person human interaction. Most interaction is via email, telephone, and on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Linkedin. Tip. You must commit to regular in-person networking.

13. No Office Games

You avoid the around-the-cooler gossip and do not face coworker envy.

14. You Can Say No To Work You Dislike

You can pick and choose clients. You learn to discern what personalities are not worth the likely headache.

15. Nontraditional Work Spaces

Your sofa, kitchen table, Panera or Starbucks can easily turn into your mobile office!

16. Life Can Revolve Around Children

You schedule your work commitments around your children’s school day. If they’re ill, you can multi-task: work while caring for a sick child.

17. Thank God It’s Friday Can Start Early

You can take an early happy hour on Friday afternoons.

18. Impromptu Trips Fine

You can take a quick vacation getaway on a whim and bring your work with you.

19. You Must Manage Everything Yourself

While you could potentially outsource some tasks, you prefer doing most projects yourself. After all, the more you do, the more your business earns. So, you manage everything. From accounting, billing, creative work, sales and more.

20. Set Own Deadlines and Keep Them

You’re forced to be self-motivated to the point that procrastination is never ever an option. You must keep your word and have a strong work ethic. If you delay, you will not be regularly paid for services rendered.

As you can see, working from home has a mix of the good and the bad. There are many challenges of working from home, yes indeed. That said, in total, disregard the naysayers and give it your best shot to succeed at your home based business. [blockquote animation=”fadeInRight” animation_delay=”{animation_delay}” animation_iteration=”{animation_iteration}”]”I think it’s admirable to run your own business from home. You have low overhead and it’s especially enticing when raising children,” notes Susan Stern, owner/operator of Stern PR Marketing in Omaha Nebraska.[/blockquote]

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