Affordable Omaha NE SEO Company – How to ‘Ethically’ Rank Better

Engage, engage, engage. This Omaha SEO agency and digital marketing company offers tips on how to increase search engine ranking for small business and nonprofits. For most organizations, there’s zero time to run a business and manage the Brand. D-I-Y risks mistakes.

Stern PR offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to help clients move up on Google, Bing and Yahoo – using ethical, white hat techniques – only.

As an aside, beware of local SEO providers that may use dirty tricks (black hat SEO) to manipulate search engines. Don’t depend on reviews or even the BBB.

A black hatter’s testimonials may be faked. Unscrupulous search marketing providers will do just about anything to achieve high ranking, and kill competitors. Techniques include editing competitor’s listings, and running ads using a competitor’s name. The best way to know who NOT to hire is to closely examine the particular company’s internet presence. Take a good look. 

Examples: Black Hat Search “Marketing”

It’s hard to uncover paid links and the hiding of keywords in content (cloaking) – leave that up to the algorithms. But it’s easy to spot false physical addresses and zip codes on business listings/maps, and misspellings of a company name to create duplicate listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Google Fights Deceptive Listings

As Google reported on its security blog, the search giant teamed up with the University of California at San Diego in 2017 to study the fake and deceptive listing problem, and found fewer than 0.5% of local searches lead to fake listings.

Black Hat SEO – Don’t Do It

Still, bad actors do slip through the cracks, although less so on Google due to its strong verification, and human reporting system.  Less stringent practices over at Bing and Yahoo, make it easier for the evil SEO practitioner to create deceptive listings. They manipulate addresses on business directories, too, due to few checks and balances.

White Hat Ways

To achieve high search ranking, it’s CRUCIAL you have a strong social media presence. Don’t just let your LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts sit stagnant. Small business MUST commit to being social, and staying active on Social Media, not only to build search rank, but most importantly, to engage with clients.

As for search engine marketing, while their algorithms are hush hush, our Omaha Nebraska SEO company knows that Google, Bing & Yahoo look for social network presence as an indicator of authority.

Social Link-Building SEO

Build ’em! Social media links go to and from your website, and encourage people to take the next step.  Don’t miss out. Get social. Complete your social business summaries with links.

Regularly Create Content

Start a blog in the “news” section of your website, and write relevant, educational industry news. Have you heard the saying ‘Content is King’? It is and search engines reward publishers for it. Create compelling content. Then, post the link of your blog post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Don’t forget to use hashtags – so people can find you when they search for a topic. 

Defined: A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol. With Google’s recent Hummingbird update, it’s believed that using hashtags with your Google Plus posts help optimize your content to display in search engines, while helping people find content in which they’re interested.

Don’ts of Search Marketing

Don’t plagiarize another’s content – ever. If you do, Google has a duplicate content filter, and will likely penalize your site. In addition, publishers will find you. A search marketer occasionally uses tools to check for ripped content. Be aware. Those who steal content (copy, text, even embed copyright-protected videos) face a DMCA take down complaint, and potentially a lawsuit. Holy moley!

Email Signatures

Put your website and social media links in your signature. Google spiders read your email.

Google Owns Youtube

Publish to YouTube to help increase search engine position. Post videos about your products/services with keywords in the title. In the summary, link to your website or pertinent article. Add tags. Google owns YouTube, so it’s no wonder your videos may show up in search.

Stern PR Marketing offers Omaha video marketing SEO to People, Business and Organizations in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado and nationwide. 

Bold Blog Keywords

If you have a keyword on your website or blog, highlight it and make it bold. It’s a clear cue to Google robots you’re trying to become visible under this key term people search.  Don’t forget about ‘Content is King’. Make sure your posts are at a minimum of 500 words. For word count, use this handy tool.

Not a writer? Our Omaha NE Digital Marketing company offers monthly brand management plans. We manage your website, directory listings, and social media as if you had an in-house marketing/public relations department! 

Integrate Social Media

Integrate social media platforms. On Facebook, link to your twitter account, and visa versa. On Instagram link to your Facebook, etc. Use video and document sharing sites, as well.

Alt-Text Image Tags

Alt Text Example

Websites can improve search ranking by accurately adding descriptive text on images or graphics:

Bad (missing Alt Text) : <img src=”laptop.jpg” alt=””/>
Bad (keyword stuffing) : <img src=”laptop.jpg” alt=”buy security system city state laptop, computers”
Good : <img src=”laptop.jpg” alt=”grey laptop handcuffs connected”/>

Omaha SEO Advice

Confused? Overwhelmed? All in all, hire a fantastic verbal, written and digital communicator to implement effective Omaha SEO expert strategies across your website, directory listings, and social media platforms.

Run your company. Let Stern PR Marketing handle the rest. 

For complete search engine optimization services, reach out to Stern PR now.