Regular Content Updates Key

You’ve heard it before. It’s become a cliche. Content is king! What does that mean? In the world of search engine optimization the phrase describes the necessary process of writing regular website and blog articles, frequently updating social media and the like to build Google, Bing and Yahoo rank. This is known as content marketing.

According to a 2011 B2B marketing research study of 400 providers conducted by Hivefire, it found that in this day and age marketers depend less on traditional marketing avenues like TV and print ads. Today marketers experience better client results with online content marketing tactics. With 70-90% of people going online to find a local business, marketers who focus their attention online are on mark.

Content Marketing King

Defined. Content Marketing is the creation of original content, from blog posts to online press releases, all of which contain images, videos and photography with the purpose of generating website traffic, for branding integrity and increased online visibility. PR Copywriters, not technical website or SEO firms, handle this work.

[blockquote animation=”” animation_delay=”{animation_delay}” animation_iteration=”{animation_iteration}”]The common mistake many small businesses and organizations make is to hire an SEO or website firm to handle search engine ranking work. Your company should outsource monthly SEO to a content marketer, a.k.a. a copywriter instead,” says Omaha marketer Susan Stern, who specializes in online writing services.[/blockquote]

How Algorithms Work

There’s many reasons why content marketing is at the forefront nowadays. In terms of being found online, search engines tend to rank frequently updated website content higher than those websites that are static.

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