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High quality content is not merely a marketer buzz word. These are 3 words that every business owner, office manager and CEO must completely understand to succeed on and offline. High quality content is the production of online PR articles, press release, social media management, listings, ads, website and blog copy with journalistic integrity, authority and trustworthiness. A logo must be modern and eye-catching, same for the website and social media covers. The public relations writing for a company or organization should be rich with your genre’s subject manner, images and graphics. Consistent and streamlined.

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High quality content is an absolute necessity, period. This is not do-it-yourself branding, i.e., handing off the work to an office manager, secretary or the boss. Many big companies are fortunate to afford an in-house marketing department. Others, however, cannot because it’s economically unfeasible. Without your own in-house marketing department, we have found that many companies produce inconsistent and amateur branding.

Interestingly, many small businesses medium and even big companies and organizations often project a hodgepodge of corporate branding that lacks professionalism. Companies without marketers risk a lot:  no room to grow online and off, stagnant leads, limited phone calls –  revenue may be at a standstill.

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When you outsource marketing work to one consultant like Stern PR Omaha,  you can run your core business. You don’t have to call a graphic designer to do one task, a writer to do another, a web designer to handle the third project and an SEO company to focus on its niche. You need a marketer that handles it all. One stop shop for branding consistency.

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Again. If you lack the budget to afford an in-house marketing department, you should outsource. Your success and revenue depends on it. Face facts. You must invest to progress. With 70-90% of people searching online for a local business, you must be found in search. Everything must be streamlined and consistent.

Our recommendation is that you need a professional copywriter, PR practitioner and marketer, preferably with on air reporter experience to run your social media accounts, manage your website, blog and online directory listings. Ditto for traditional marketing avenues like print ads, brochures and radio/TV advertising. Only former broadcast journalists understand what’s newsworthy and why. Our Omaha marketing consulting firm handles all these tasks. One stop shop, is what firm you should outsource to.

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Background. Many Omaha internet marketing firms, web design and SEO companies are strictly technical people. They are not copywriter strategists. Not social. They do one or two tasks.  They are not writers, PR and Marketing practitioners, photographers and videographers. They’re techies that offer one or two branding services. That’s it. If you use them, then you have to hire another company for this and that task. You end up wasting a lot of time and money- taking you away from your core business.

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If you were to hire a big time marketing firm with high overhead and many staffers, you also may face the ‘don’t give a hoot attitude. The big marketing companies prefer the big guys with hearty budgets. This is where their focus is. The smaller client doesn’t get the same level of support or content quality –  a common complaint that our Omaha Nebraska marketing firm often hears about.

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Only a copywriter strategist can professionally manage your website, social media platforms – your branding both on and offline. This is our recommendation for high quality content creation. Get moving now. 2015 is well underway!

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