[heading animation=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”{animation_delay}” animation_iteration=”{animation_iteration}” type=”1″ bottom_margin=”default” align=”aligncenter”]Industry Copy Research We Do[/heading]

Before any Omaha copywriting project, our seasoned writer Susan Stern conducts extensive research of your industry’s buzz words, views competitor and industry language, determines what writing style works and what does not. Many times organizations and business fail to write in layman’s terms, and typically communicate in technical language that few can understand. Others may write website content and social media posts too casually or informally for the target market they are trying to reach. Here at Stern PR Marketing, we learn just about everything about your business, your clientele and pen copy in a style that makes sense to your target market.

[heading animation=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”{animation_delay}” animation_iteration=”{animation_iteration}” type=”2″ bottom_margin=”default” align=”aligncenter”]Tight Words. Descriptive Adjectives. No Extraneous Words! [/heading]

The copy we write is fine-tuned to our satisfaction, as well as our clients. This labor intensive process is based on the target market strategy for your business that we develop with your input. We pen copy that uses precise verbs, descriptive adjectives with the fewest words. After all, people easily get bored reading long-winded sentences to describe products or services. We follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep it simple stupid.

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[heading animation=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”{animation_delay}” animation_iteration=”{animation_iteration}” type=”3″ bottom_margin=”default” align=”aligncenter”]Slogans and Mission Statements[/heading]

If your company or organization needs a catchy slogan to encompass all you do, we will write an exceptional one. We also will edit your mission statement or write it from scratch. Many times when business or organizations draft a mission statement it is filled with vague words, run on sentences and the like. We see the big picture. We examine what your organization does before re-writing your mission statement with clearer language.

The content we write for your website should be used in a consistent way both on and offline. That’s what we do here at Stern PR, we streamline a company image and brand it similarly across all media platforms.

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