Search Engine Optimization Tip

SEO not DIY, sorry to say. In fact, small business owners who run their own search engine optimization campaigns might want to think again. You may be wasting valuable time apart from growing your core business.

The fact is. Search engine education is a time consuming, ongoing specialty service demanding endless hours that are committed toward continuing education and real life experimentation. Our Omaha SEO company recommends small business run their company. Consider this. It is a smart decision to leave search engine marketing up to the professionals. A search engine optimization company that focuses on organic and PPC (pay-per-click) rank building.

Let’s get into definitions. Organic search results are search engine listing results that appear based on their relevance to the keyword search terms. On Google for instance, organic listings are everything below the shaded display ads. Display ads are are paid advertisements, known as PPC ads. On Google paid ads are located above the fold and on the sidebar of Google search. These are not Organic results.

SEO For Dummies

Search engine marketing is a process. It involves many factors ranging from a correctly coded website design architecture to social media set up and management. How you handle your Google reviews, where you live and how many testimonials you have impacts your ranking.

We here at Stern PR Marketing have a proven track record of getting our clients on the 1st page of Google for many keywords using all the techniques we spend hours fine-tuning. We are constantly reading, writing and learning new SEO skills. The search engine marketing game demands many hours of study and practice.

SEO Rules

There is no ‘how to’ rank high rulebook, unfortunately. No. Instead, we are given clues from the gurus, like Google’s Matt Cutts who does video blogs to teach developers the ropes, without completely spelling it out. As years go by, we have learned what works – what does not. We build websites. We rely upon webmaster tools. We conduct keyword research and run PPC campaigns. These internet activities give us a foundation to do search engine marketing better, more effectively.

SEO is not do-it-yourself. To a small business owner, it makes sense to outsource search engine marketing to an Omaha SEO Company, like us.  It’s a smart investment. Consider pooling your energy into maintaining customer satisfaction and other direct core business activities to generate revenue. We shall handle the internet marketing and traditional avenues. Of course, if search is a hobby, by all means please enjoy.

That said, we’ll handle the marketing, advertising and public relations on your behalf. Run your company. We handle the rest. Now learn about our monthly SEO/Social Media plans.

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