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At the start of 2014 Stern PR™ Video Production Omaha rose to a higher level. Friedel Jewish Academy in Nebraska  – the client. Principal Pam Cohn hired Susan Stern to capture the special spirit of the school. Stern PR™ did it:

“With a smile I note, that this project demanded innumerable (many) hours of pre and post production, on-the-fly creative videography, short and sweet interviewing and script writing. It was a lot of fun, yet highly challenging.

I probably spent 25 hours in pre with interviews, shooting video and snapping photography. For post, add another 60 hours, choosing sound bites, adding music, editing and titling,” notes Susan Stern, a Video Production Omaha service provider, who produced the entire project, start to finish, herself.

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The tools she carries matches Susan Stern’s creative mindset. In 2013, a fantastic year for Stern PR™.  Susan was fortunate to acquire a high quality professional-grade video camera, corresponding mikes and essential plug in effects to the video editing software she uses.

Combined with additional videography education, passion and dedication, Susan Stern demonstrated she’s a creative storyteller. See for yourself. Watch Friedel Jewish Academy, Student Recruitment Video now:

Pleased Client Stern PR Video Production Omaha

Friedel Jewish Academy Principal Pam Cohn is satisfied with the overall result, too:

image-pam-cohn-principal-video-production-omaha-nebraska“It was a pleasure working with Susan Stern to produce a promotional video for our school. She captured our school’s special spirit and highligted the special activities that the children engage in throughout the year in a succinct and fun presentation. She listened to suggestions from our staff and incorporated changes with ease. I have heard from colleagues from all over the country who have reached out to me to tell me how impressed they were with the video.”

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