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During your intense search for the best affordable Omaha Website Design and Omaha SEO company to manage everything, first and foremost double check that the company is reputable. How to do that? View the websites that the Omaha web developer has completed. Call clients for references. You won’t believe it. It’s hard to think it can be true, but it is. Several clients have come to us with some wild stories to tell about Omaha web companies that they mistakenly hired in the past. That the Omaha website design company, that they had previously outsourced work to, performed unscrupulously – refusing to relinquish website ownership, when the client opted to discontinue services.

You Own Omaha Website Design After Payment
Period. End of Story.

Shockingly, this sneaky tactic does happen with some Lincoln and Omaha Website designers, a few clients report. Here at Stern PR™ we would never do something unethical or actions that lack integrity. In fact, it’s standard policy, that after the deposit, work is completed and client pays final bill in full, that the website, social media and the entire package is yours. Your business owns it.

There are zero ifs, ands or buts about it. Our simple, one-page service agreement outlines these terms, plain and clear, protecting clients, offering 100% assurance that their website is theirs after paid in full. Period. End of story. That’s how we operate for Omaha Website design services. Amazingly, there are Omaha web designers who hide the fact that they own the website, even after client payment!

“I just got off the phone with a businessman today who was so fearful that something like that would happen again for a third time. But I assured him that those sleazy Omaha website design tactics are not how we operate here at Stern PR™. Never,” notes Susan Stern, owner of a Nebraska Marketing firm and PR, which handles affordable Omaha website design services, Omaha SEO, Copywriting and Omaha Video Production.

It’s truly unbelievable that some Omaha web design firm engage in sneaky tactics. One thing is for sure, word gets around. Eventually, these folks will go out of business. No business owner should put up with that bologna. To those in the industry who strive for ethical business practices, and there are many, there is definitely an across-the-board distaste for the absurd policies.

Domain Ownership Game
Omaha Web Design Tactics

A variation of the sneaky tactics employed by some Omaha web design firms is when they refuse to release your domain name until you pay an exorbitant amount for it. Unacceptable! Here at Stern PR™, we set up the domain on your behalf, but again, it is yours. You rent it through the company where you purchased it. Period.

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Stern PR™ does not play the website or domain ownership game. Everything is yours, after you pay for it in full. Makes sense, huh? We usually set up hosting and domain purchases with your credit card. Plus, when it comes to renewal time, you’ll receive an email reminder for your services, on your account, that you own. Inquiries. For affordable Omaha Website Design services, call one of the best in Omaha. Stern PR™



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