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  • Internet Marketing

    Omaha internet marketing firm offers website development, social media design and online directory listing set up and maintenance. We offer monthly plans to build Google ranking and manage your social media presence. Stern PR spearheads pay-per-click and interest-based ad campaigns, too.

  • Video Production

    We are a one-stop high definition video production shop. Each project is approached from a journalism and PR standpoint. That’s every commercial, training video, how to production and mini documentary. We are better at Omaha video production services.

  • Traditional Marketing

    Every business and organization should implement a marketing mix. As consultants, we analyze your business goals and choose from traditional venues like Radio & TV, postcard mailer to print advertisements, billboards and the good ‘ole fashioned press release.

  • Copywriting

    We tell your company story and write mission statements, slogans and overall branding copy that we make sure is consistent across all marketing, advertising and public relations avenues. We will get you there with rich copy for the eyes, ears and search engines.

  • Advertising Agency

    We are a creative, digital Omaha advertising agency that blends technology and brand strategy.

  • Google Ad Sense

    While we believe that focusing on getting your business in organic search should be SEO priority number one, we often recommend that start ups, low ranking websites or businesses with a hearty budget should advertise on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or run interest-based online ads that follow internet users. Stern PR handles campaign set up and maintenance aimed at boosting website position, traffic and sales.

Building Relationships Online

We know social. We live it. We breathe it. We are it. Every day we engage with our clients’ diverse social communities and maintain relationships with online power players. We white label our work so it appears your business or organization has its own in-house marketing department. It’s unmatched our expertise in, and partnerships with, today’s leading social platforms.


You can do it. Yes, you can. Stern PR Marketing shall build your total online profile. Inquiries? Call 402-212-7489.



We are a small team of talented experts in our field. Our specialties are journalism and PR writing, custom website design, SEO, video production, graphic design and everything in between.

Since 2004, Omaha’s Stern PR Marketing has served a multitude of industries – small, medium and large-size organizations. We are proud of the branding campaigns we create from scratch that we spot around town, in newspapers, trade magazines and even on the New York Times Square Reuters bulletin board! Creative. Clever. Smart.

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Omaha's Stern PR Marketing will take your business to a higher level on and offline now and in the future. Inquiries? Call 402-212-7489