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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the multi-strategic process that increases a website’s search engine ranking results, boosting website traffic and overall business revenue. Here at Stern PR Marketing, our Omaha SEO services focus on writing keyword-rich copy using words that people search. We manage your social media, online directory listings and oversee your PPC and interest-based ads, the latter that follow internet users.

Keyword Research
We conduct strategic keyword research and competitor analysis to determine what industry keywords match yours. It’s a game plan on how we structure your website content, blog articles, product descriptions and more.

Social Media Campaigns
We manage your social media platforms for the purposes of marketing, public relations, advertising and SEO. If done right, social media is a great tool for website link-building. Each platform is carefully tailored to your specific industry’s audience. properly and persuasively tailored to your audience.

Website & Blog Writing
Under our monthly SEO plan, we write compelling copy content on your website and blog using a PR and journalistic approach to writing.  We use link-building techniques of the articles on all your social media platforms.
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Search Engine Metrics”]Under our monthly SEO plan, we periodically provide keyword ranking reports that show which keywords are ranking on the 1st page of Google, the only page that really matters to increase revenue and drive growth. We also set up Google Analytics to gauge where traffic comes, the number of site visitors and more.

Omaha SEO/PR Consultant Susan Stern

Lets Work Together
Our talented team of marketers, led by Omaha PR/SEO Consultant Susan Stern have multimedia expertise: broadcast journalism, public relations, website development and programming, SEO, TV/Radio commercial production, graphic design and most importantly, copywriting.  We write rich copy –  one of the most important tasks of all!

We do not use cheap gimmicks to temporarily succeed. Stern PR Marketing is committed to developing a long-term relationship with you. Developing quality results. We take time to completely understand your business and your online objectives. Our Omaha SEO (search engine optimization) company then creates a custom-tailored SEO plan that fits your company needs.

This is the Stern PR Marketing difference.

We’re Perfect Fit for Google Rank Building
We’re one of Omaha’s best SEO companies. Give us a call. We’ll come up with a plan that suits your organization’s monthly needs to grow online.


We properly set up URLs to contain real keywords that search engines can crawl.

Duplicate Content
Duplicate copy is an absolute no, no. We examine if your content is repeated on multiple pages. If so, we remove it. If duplicates remain, Google may penalize your site and down rank it.

Navigation Structur
We make sure your website’s navigation structure is simple and organized. This is essential not only for usability, but SEO.

We keep tabs of the backlinks that link to your website. That links are active. Broken links can hurt search engine rank

Keyword Research
Blog/Website Article Writing
Custom Photography
Social Media Management
Directory Listing Management
Periodic Keyword Reports
Press Release
Graphic Design
Website Security
10 Project Hours & Up
Keyword Research
Blog/Website Article Writing
Social Media Management
Directory Listing Management
Periodic Keyword Reports
Email Marketing
Custom Photography

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