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Here at Stern PR™, we are your Affordable SEO Omaha Company service provider.  We’re intensely focused on helping business grow, by getting your business to show up where people look.

What are people punching into the search engines? We shall find out. That’s what we do. We provide quality SEO Omaha services here for any local, market.  Using a variety of tools, we discover what keywords people search online.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of building and maintaining Google, Bing & Yahoo rank for websites and social media. Getting there requires an expert in local Affordable SEO Omaha Company services.

We’ll make sure your sites contain high-quality content, targeted traffic that makes everything look search engine great. What you pay for with Stern PR Marketing-focused SEO Omaha services, will be returned to you plenty-fold with new customers. Over time, you’ll see a benefit from the search engine optimization work we do.

White Hat SEO, Doing it Right

Some clients came to Stern PR™ making the mistake prior of outsourcing so-called targeted affordable SEO Omaha agency services to India or companies out-of-state. We don’t. We repeat. We do NOT recommend investing dollars in out of state search engine optimization companies. Several clients looking to optimize their website for the Nebraska search engines turned to Stern PR™ after experiencing lackluster results elsewhere.

Our advice. We recommend only hire local, local, local.  The SEO landscape is ever-evolving. You need Stern PR™ for superior SEO Omaha services. We stay on top of the latest pulse. We continue to get educated on the latest SEO news, using Google-approved techniques to build rank . No keyword stuffing or maximum keyword density stupidity. We follow search engine rules!

Why Local SEO Omaha Company is Right Choice

You want to hire an expert Search Engine Optimization Omaha Service provider that you meet in-person, who cares about your success. Who is on the pulse with the ever-changing SEO landscape and algorithms.  So, yes, Stern PR is the answer for affordable SEO Omaha services galore.

image-pen-content-king-affordable-seo-services-omahaContent is King of Web Universe

The key to long-term Omaha SEO quality traffic is great content that the search engines love. Stern PR™ produces quality media and copy that people want to read. Unduplicated and frequently updated content makes search engines happy.

Likewise, duplicated content websites and those without fresh content tend to fail on Google. Our SEO Omaha Company strives to achieve the ultimate goal – get your company ranking high and staying put for the keywords people type for your business. We’ve achieved a lot of success for clients as their SEO Omaha Agency.

Before we Go

SEO Omaha Company Tips

  • Content body length of at least 300 words
  • Target keywords toward beginning of Title
  • Keep length of title characters at 70 ensuring full title search engine visibility
  • Use Title keywords in meta description, give a page summary, use call-for-action to visit site
  • Limit meta description to about 145 characters
  • Consider bolding, underlining some keywords and use them in subheads
  • Pay attention to keywords frequency – how many times keywords appear on a page
  • General rule: 5.5% keyword frequency & up is spammy and Google WILL catch on, go for 3% or less
  • Check your site with this free/safe SEO tool. Type in URL of pages to view keyword frequency
  • Link to relevant interior site content
  • Link fairly early within copy
  • Link every 130 words or so
  • Use descriptive image Alt tags for SEO
  • Anchor backlinks text with a keyword, part or all
  • Don’t duplicate content on other websites or blogs, or your site may get penalized by Google

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